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The AntiBunny Store

Welcome to the AntiBunny Store where you can purchase apparel and digital downloads related to the AntiBunny comic as well as commission original artwork by the artist Vinnie D.


Use AntiBunny to hide your nudity.

Good/Bad Girl Pink
$15.50 (F)

Good/Bad Girl Black
$15.50 (F)

Goth-Fu Heavy $15.50
Goth-Fu Lite$11.50

Sod Off Blue (heavy)
Sod Off Blue (Lite) $11.50

Sod Off Black Heavy $15.50
Sod Off Black Lite $11.50

Sod Off Full (front and back)
Sod Off Full (lite) $14.90

Sod Off White Heavy $15.50
Sod Off White Lite $11.50

Sod Off Pink
$15.50 (Female)

Goth Poet (Heavy) $15.50
Goth Poet (Lite) $11.50

Goth Poet (Female) $11.50

Nailbat Chrome (Heavy) $15.50
Nailbat Chrome (Lite) $11.50

Nailbat Chrome (Female) $11.50

Nailbat Toon (Heavy) $15.50
Nailbat Toon (Lite) $11.50

Nailbat Toon (Female) $11.50

Gothloli Front and back (Female) $20.00
More to come


Various thingamajigs, whatsits, and assorted junk

Goth Poet Buttons (Small) $4.90
Goth Poet Buttons (Large) $5.90

Sod Off Buttons (Small) $4.90
Sod Off Buttons (Large) $5.90

Goth Poet Messenger Bag $16.90
More to come


COMMISSIONS: Original custom artwork drawn by the artist. Whatever you want, I draw it. Below Megaman demonstrates the various levels of detail available. Just click on the thumbnail to see a full size example. To order a commission send an email to including which type of commission you'd like, the character you'd like drawn, and any details about pose, expression, clothing, and any references you can offer. I also offer concept art services for original characters

Chibi Doodle- $1(or free with any donation): A quick doodle in chibi style. It's cute and inexpensive.

Pencil Sketch -$4: Sketched in pencil. The softer lines of pencil produce a warmer look that some are fond of. It's inexpensive too.

Inked line art $8: Clean inked lines, looking sharp alone or ready to color.

Full CG Color Commission-$15: Full glorious color with smooth gradient shadows and shining highlights that bring a picture to life.

Wallpaper: Wallpapers are free to download and use as long as you like on whatever system you please. I only ask that if you enjoy them, consider helping out by making a donation via paypal, passing the word along, or buying something in the shop. If you distribute these wallpapers please link back to AntiBunny. The wallpapers here are the full size versions, just right click and choose "Save as" to download. Windows users, by downloading the zip version and extracting it to the windows directory it will appear directly in the desktop setting tab in display options.



More to come

AntiBunny is hosted on Keenspace, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics. They're pretty keen, if I do say so myself.