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The Cast of AntiBunny

Main Characters

Pooky Bunny
This chain smoking, antisocial, rabbit just happens to be the protagonist of this comic. Once a legitimate reporter, Pooky now makes a living writing supernatural stories for tabloids. Ironically these stories happen to be quite truthful as Pooky is rather skilled at supernatural investigation as well as the more traditional type. Pooky's gender is unknown. Pooky isn't too proud of making a living off writing stories that will always be disbelieved but it's the one talent Pooky posesses and the only thing that gets the rent paid.

In spite of the bad attitude, Pooky shares a close, sibling like friendship with Hannibal. Pooky also has a tendancy to have halucinations about a black rabbit clad in white named "Dark Pooky."
Color: White

Hannibal is Pooky's best friend. He's worn a chain collar since childhood, and it's not exactly clear why. While Hannibal tries to be a dark angsty goth his more happy go lucky and kind hearted nature often betrays him. Hannibal treats Pooky much like a sibling, and even when they're fighting he'll always stick up for Pooky, sometimes having to be the tough one, sometimes having to be the tender one. Hannibal may be the only one who actually gets Pooky.

Hannibal also has fallen for Penelope, but can't find the courage to admit his feelings due the large age gap between her and himself. He is currently dating Piago, Penelope's older sister.
Color: Silver

Penelope's most notable feature is her crush on Pooky, which began about one year ago when Pooky encouraged Penelope to stand up for herself against an attacker. Unfortunately for her Pooky hates her cutesy attitude. When not stalking Pooky she's a street corner preacher, spreading the word of the book of Peter. She's also encountered Nailbat before and sometimes serves as his conscience. She is the second youngest of four sisters. Her unusual pink coloration is attributed to her frequently enjoying her favorite food, Red Turnips. It could be said that if Penelope posesses any sort of hidden powers, it's the abillity to convince others to do the right thing.
Color: Pink (naturally white)

Doc appears near the end of the first major story arc. He's treated Pooky in the past with a not so pleasant response. Doctors creep pooky out...with a doc that creepy it's easy to understand why. Doc's full name is Dr. Myron Odleonov, and is the first and so far only rabbit to get a P.H.D. He is also Alice's father, but due to his busy schedule, he's left her in the care of his brother, Prof. Odd. His wife left him two years ago due to feeling neglected.
Color: Gray

Euclid is the second goth bunny and much like Hannibal he just can't pull off a brooding goth attitude. Euclid is laid back and a bit lazy. He's also JuJu's older brother. He lacks in the observation department. He is however a brilliant magician. He can make use of six pointed magic circles which puts him as being slightly more powerful than Juju in magic, but he's not nearly as aggressive as his younger sister. Euclid so far absolutely refuses to turn serious no matter what the situation, and always has a smile and a laugh ready. Some would say he's just an optimist, others would call it annoying.
Color: Dark Gray

Unlike her brother Euclid, Juju is quick to snap, and very violent. She often carries around a hatchet to take out her agression. Using five pointed magic circles, Juju is a less powerful magicain than her brother Euclid, but is far more inclined to use it agressively. Juju accidentally cursed herself into a tiny plush rabbit doll, and was stuck in that form for one day. Though the curse has worn off she's since had the strange feeling that she's being watched. Juju's favorite beverage is Mango Juice.
Color: Dark Gray

Agent Wesson
A mysterious hare who's most immediate traits are his tie, ever present cigarette, twin glocks, and his habbit of never using a door. He shares a past with Ed, and claims they were once partners. He'd like Ed to rejoin the organization he works for, but so far he can't convince him. Wesson always covers his eyes with sunglasses. When they're removed his eyes are revealed to be solid white. He has the abillity to see a glow around certain rabbits called "Ygdrassil", when not wearing his sunglasses. He was once under orders to exterminate them, but that order has since been retracted. He shares this trait with Ed. He's more recently been revealed to be working for the Wauldt corporation.
Color: Rusty Brown

Dark Pooky
No one but Pooky knows who Dark Pooky is or his real name. He wears a hat simillar to Pooky's and appears in Pooky's dreams from time to time. Pooky shot Dark Pooky during a dream in the zero comic. He mostly only appears in Pooky's dreams delivering cryptic messages, and sometimes in flashbacks. Dark Pooky usually wears a white hat in Pooky's dreams and when he rarely appears in reality, but wears a black hat identical to Pooky's in flashbacks. Pooky claims not to remember Dark Pooky aside from a faint memory of shooting him. Dark Pooky was believed to be dead until recently, when he appeared to speak about his Yggdrassil, reffering to Penny, and other rabbits. What this means is unclear.

Dee is none other than the grim reaper himself, or at least the one assigned to rabbit related deaths. He's hardly a grim specter that harvests the souls of the damned. He's just a guy with an unusual job. Dee appears shortly after an individual's demise to guide their soul to the afterlife. He can also check up on events in the living world, in real time as well as in the recent past, by using his vintage dail and bunny ears TV, which oddly enough still seems to work with a remote. Dee rarely appears in the AntiBunny story but is far more important to the Nailbat Story. He also carries the soul release "Lamenting Moon".
Color: Light brown

Mors and Nailbat
Mors is a shy and somewhat innocent comic book nerd. He sees the problems facing rabbits in Gritty City but chooses to keep his head down and avoid attention. That is until a single freak accident does as what it oft does in comics and grants him a most unique super power which will ultimately lead him to become Nailbat the world's first rabbit super hero. But not before many trials lead him to find his destiny amidst a sea of uncertainty. Nailbat's powers include, a sort of limited immortality which causes any lethal force directed against him to somehow fail through a twist of fate, even going so far as to cause bullets to veer off course. However non lethal attacks can injure him. He aslo possesses a power called "reaper's eyes" which allows him to see the remaining lifespan of any rabbit, or individual fated to die in a rabbit related incident. He also has the opportunity to lengthen or shorten these lifespans through his own actions. Mors's physical abillities are the natural speed, leaping power, and kicking power of a rabbit. He's studied "Usagido" a form of martial art developed to make use of a rabbit's natural strengths and abillities. His arsenal contains his namesake bat with a nail in it. The original is a wooden bat with a bent nail driven through it. It's tied to his wrist by a bungie chord which allows him to use it as a grappling hook and restraint. It is later replaced with a pair of steel bats with nails welded in place, and using a length of light chain. Nailbat for backup carries a set of very large and very sharp loose nails he calls his "Throwing Nails" and as a last ditch measure, a pair of collapsable batons in the event he's disarmed of his bats.
Color: White with light brown spots

"Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm a man of wealth and taste." Michealus Malphas is the leader, self dubbed "president", of the Loan Sharks, a powerful criminal organization that operates within Gritty City. He touts his organization as more a banking institution than a criminal entity, but he has no qualms with outright ignoring the law to increase his own leverage both in the legitimate financial world and the seedy underworld. In addition to being a ruthless fiscal cutthroat he's also a cold blooded killer in the more literal sense. His justification his actions is that he's merely living out his own American dream, albeit at the expense of "Lesser Creatures." Nailbat is determined to take him down, but that seems nearly impossible as Malphas is also Gritty City's mayor.

Knell is a quiet, withdrawn, and likely troubled comic book nerd. She meets Mors and begins to open up to him, but at the same time she keeps him at a distance, afraid to get close to anyone, for reasons unknown. Mors has noticed that her lifespan appears in bright red, and is identical to his own. What this means is yet to be seen. Knell has suicidal tendencies and has tried to kill herself in the past. She is unaware that she also suffers from Dissociative Identity Dissorder, and believes her other identity to be a separate individual whom is stalking her. She works as a live in servant for Malphas.
Color: Navy Blue

Furi is first encountered by Nailbat as he attempts to take down the Loan Sharks. It seems Furi, in spite of being a rabbit himself, is working for the Loan Sharks, and what's worse is he posesses a level of fighting skill that puts him on the level of super villain. For now he's contented to work for the Loan Sharks, spouting such nihilistic ramblings as "slaves should be greatful to serve their masters and be silent." He wields a pair of Walther P-38 semi automatic handguns, and a veriety of melee weapons, and moves with tremendous speed and agillity. More dangeorus though, is that he seems to be able to nullify Nailbat's immortality and is able to wound, and possibly kill him. His lifespan appears in red, and also matches Mors's. Being the third destined to die on the same day, and for some reason a rabbit willingly working for Malphas, his very existance raises a multitude of questions.
Color: Unknown

Shishi is the second lagomorphian reaper to appear. He is connected somehow to Furi and is possibly going against the spiritual order that reaper's are supposed to enforce. He's the youngest known reaper, and small for his age on top of that. That doesn't stop him from being psychotic and bipolar enough to make up for it. He carries the soul release "Staff of Two Heads." His primary job is to quickly act in the case of a suicide. He is allowed to make himself known to individuals contemplating suicide in order to dissuade them. Why he was chosen for such a difficult and painful task is unknown.
Color: Silver and White

Perhapse he could be called the world's second rabbit super hero, though he's actually been around for centuries longer than Nailbat, he has only recently reappeared and taken the shape of a rabbit. He is an immortal being whom has met with and fought alongside every super hero in history, and vanished when heroism died at the end of World War II. Having re-emerged, he has dedicated himself to aiding nailbat, and bringing about the third age of heroism. He is the master of the cloak of shadows and his powers include shape shifting, melting into any shadow or darkened area, teleportation in dark areas, as well as the abillity to invade minds and create intense fear.
Color: Jet Black

Penny is Penelope's younger sister, and youngest of the four sisters. She's a small, shy, geeky rabbit, whom can be best described as sweet but a total doormat. She's often the victim of Pluto and Persephone's pranks in spite of being older. She's concearned for Penelope whom she reffers to as "Little Big Sister", idolizes Piago her "Middle Big Sister", and lives with but doesn't quite so much admire Petunia her "Big Big Sister." She tends to get stuck with the most chores but doesn't much mind as she enjoys being of use to others. Yeah, doormat is an accurate description. She's also befriended Ed, and a random junkyard dog, whom has become a sort of protector for her. Penny loves electronics and gadgets, and tinkers a bit herself. When it comes to machines she's savy and intelligent, but when she's without them she's totally lost. Ed, and Wesson can both see a glow that surrounds Penny, causing her to appear in color, while the rest of the world is gray. Dark Pooky referred to her and others as Ygdrassil. Aside from the glow that only Hares can see, the meaning of the word is unknown to everyone.
Color: Copper and white

Piago is the third oldest of four sisters being older than Penelope and younger than Petunia. Fiercely independent, she's the poster girl for the wild child mindset. She ran away from home three years prior to her first appearance, and only rarely associates with her sisters. She dislikes Petunia's domineering personality, but has a soft spot for Penny and enjoys a teasing but loving relationship with Penelope. She spends most of her time wildly riding about on her Vespa, and occasionally looking for Potential boyfriends. She rarely succeeds, as her wreckless lifestyle, not to mention driving, leaves no one wanting to stay with her more than a few hours. She also plays accoustic guitar but has trouble keeping it in tune when it's also her weapon of choice, for drive by Kabongings. She is now dating Hannibal. Though she knows that Hannibal's real feeings are for Penelope she still enjoys being with him.
Color: Yellow and Black

Petunia and Pluto & Persephone
Petunia is the oldest of the four sisters and has two children of her own, the twins Pluto and Persephone. Petunia prides herself in being the furthest thing from cool. She's straight laced and strict, but also caring, and slightly devious when she thinks she's acting in someone's best interest. Her kids Pluto and Persephone accompany her everywhere. Pluto tends to take the lead, while Persephone almost never speaks except to repeat whatever Pluto says. She tends to get drawn into his mischief, but it's likely that Persephone enjoys it every bit as much as Pluto does. Petunia lives outside of Gritty City and pulls double duty as both Sister and Mother figure to her youngest sister Penny. She also intends to some day drag home her two runaway sisters Penelope and Piago, kicking and screaming if necessary. Petunia has no love of humans and lives with her family in the nature reserve across the river and some miles from Gritty City.
Color: Light Blue

Edward H. Van
This hare preffers to be called "Eddie" but it's likely that this identity is a false one. Eddie has a sordid past he isn't willing to talk about, and in the current day is a wandering, self described "Card Carrying Bad Mammajamma". He has connections to Agent Wesson as well as Penelope's familly, but it's something he's chosen to put behind him. He has forsaken violent ways and has through extensive study, modified Kung-Fu into a non violent form of martial arts, making use of various props stored in his giant afro. The results are hillarious but effective. He was once called "Agent Smith" by Agent Wesson. Like Wesson he has all white eyes under his sunglasses and can see the glow around certan rabbits called "Ygdrassil".
Color: Dark Brown

If ever there were one individual who clearly draws the line between Super Hero and outright Vigilante it would be Peacekeeper. As her name suggests she was once a member of a genuine U.N. peacekeeping squad, stationed somewhere in sub saharan Africa. That is until she abandoned her team, stole several pieces of prototype technology, and went rogue. She claims to have discovered that her team was only helping to support a tyranical dictator, and she had no choice but to assassinate him herself, and then go AWOL. She still lives on the run, but has taken the risk of coming into the public eye as a would be super heroine. Unfortunately she's only met with disdain from nailbat, due to her willingness to use lethal force, however she has garnered some public support, from those who are worst terrorized by crime, and would rather see criminals die than lose another innocent life.

Aside from being a very well trained soldier Peacekeeper has assembled a suit of armor from various pieces of U.N. and U.S. technolgy including mechanical gloves, explosive proof boots, two custom handguns nicknamed "Knuckle busters", a multi purpose tactical display, and most importantly a next generation ceratanium mesh suit, based upon the armor worn by the Bulleteer during WWII. (see side characters).

Uncle Slam
One of, if not the first individual to have a sense of true heroism awakened in him by the actions of Nailbat, is Paul Jefferson, once a professional wrestler and bodybuilder under the stage name of "Paul Severe". A patriotic character whom garnered much popularity as the "Good Guy" character. But times changed and as patriotism became much less popular, his character was eventually sacked. A few years later however, as he survived on his savings and the few advertising spots he could get, he noticed in one decaying city, half a nation away, a single individual, a rabbit, had put on a mask and started saving lives. Almost moved to tears Paul returned to his training, building up his body and his skills. He assembled a costume from the various wrestling attire he'd worn throughout his career (as well as two pair of concealed brass knux and a concealable bullet proof vest), and emerged as the patriotic super hero Uncle Slam. He proved quite competent using his physical abillity to overcome criminals first in his hometown, then moving from city to city, hoping to inspire others to his own beliefs that America truely stands for courage and heroism. He has now made his way to Gritty City with one goal in mind. To shake the paw of the rabbit who gave him the courage to act.

Hermes the Second
This lagomorphian speedster has taken up the mantle of "The Fastest Thing Alive" from the original retired Hermes. When Nailbat first encountered this energetic, electric blue, youngster he was rather perplexed when this Hermes claimed to be the grandsom of the original. But in fact it's in a way true. Hermes is in fact the grandson of the Usagi spirit, whom granted the original Hermes his powers. This Hermes, like the original gets most of his speed from usagi, the rabbit spirit, but being one fourth mystical being himself, has a greater physical capacity to withstand that speed, making him capable of even greater speeds than the original Hermes. Unfortunately he hasn't nearlyt he experiance to control it, that the original did, nor the patience. He's well meaning, and with proper guidance a valuable ally. He has a sort of kindness that draws the rest of the heroes together. He also however has a sort of quiet desperation to him, that makes it seem as if he's always running away from something, but what is it that the fastest thing alive can't escape?

Color: Electric blue

Prof. Odd.
Professor Oliver Odleonov is the brother of Doc. While Doc took up a medical profession in the city, Prof. Odd as he's come to be known, went to the smaller nearby community of Haunted Junction where he studied magic, and has become quite proficient in its use. He happens to be the very one who taught magic to Euclid and Juju, though he's vastly more powerful than either with his use of ten pointed magic circles. He's often seen with his Niece Alice. He's very friendly most of the time, and ready to help when he can, but don't cross a Magister Magi Master, unless you have a deep yearning to spend eternity as a one legged toad. He also fancies himself an ally of super heroes and is ready to help should any come calling with a magic related problem.

Color: mottled gray and white

Alice is Doc's daughter and Prof. Odd's Niece. She's cute, energetic, and very friendly. Perhaps she is a bit too curious though. She primarily stays in the care of Prof. Odd as her father's work keeps him too busy to spend much time with him. She tends to view both as father figures, and enjoys the company of either. She strangely has absolutely no fear of aparitions, ghosts, or anything else that should frighten a child, likely because of all the time she spends with Prof. Odd. Alice in spite of her age is often quite independent and takes on the task of running errands for Prof. Odd. Whether or not she knows any magic herslef is yet to be seen. It is strange to note that Alice's bright red cloak always appears in color, lending that, like Penny she may be one of the Yggdrassil mentioned by Dark Pooky. What an Yggdrassil is, however is totally unknown.

Color: White

Bad Juju
In chapter 2 of AntiBunny Juju attempted to transform a doll into a demon servant. Instead she accidentally put herself into the doll. Though the spell wore off it seems she left something of herself behind, and the doll continues to remain animated, and every bit as violent as Juju herself. However it also happens to be quite accident prone.

Metal (a.k.a Metabat, a.k.a NBK-000)
Metal once known as Metabat or NBK-000 was a robot created by two scientists traveling from another world, and hired by Malphas to construct something capable of defeating Nailbat. The result was a robot with fighting abilities based on fight videos taken of Nailbat and Furi, with the ability to copy further combat data from others and upgrade its self both in terms of software and hardware to improve. The result was the machine gaining self awarenss and choosing to determine its own function rather than follow its programming. After being brought back online recently by Penny it has been dubbed just "Metal" having lost most of its memory. It is now a relatively benign and harmless robot as long as no one endangers Penny.

When Darkness offered a fragment of his Cloak of Shadows to Nailbat the results were nasty. When the fragment was separated from Nailbat it gained a will of its own. Combined with Nailbat's darkest thoughts and desires, and the shape shifting powers of Darkness, Id would be a threat to the entire city if not the world, ahd he not been defeated by the combined powers of Nailbat, Lightbringer, and Prof. Od, and banished to the void between worlds.

Side Characters

Draco Slythe
Draco is another lackey working for Malphas, and the oldest of the brothers Slythe. With one brother dead and the other left a gibbering lunatic due to Nailbat he's developed a serious vendetta. While he may look like a pile of dumb muscle he was one of the few to figure out Nailbat's weakness to Non-Lethal force. Unfortunately in spite of his strenght he still wasn't a match for Nailbat in one on one combat, and had his leg broken in three places after his first encounter with Nailbat. His body will recover, his pride might not.

Paul Pinkerton
Paul Pinkerton is Petunia's husband and father of her two children. He's a hard working sort often coming home late, but very much in love with his wife and a relaxed fun loving kind of guy.

Pandora Rabbintlov
This lady in red is the mother of the four Rabbintlov sisters. Her passion for life was matched only by the tragedy of her death, and it's left a mark on each of her children. She's known to be a caring mother, a free spirit, a devout Peterist, and naturally curious. Her nickname was "Crimson Butterfly" not only for her red coloration, but the trails of her taillights when she rode her motorcycle in the night. One only need to look at her children to see the passion with which she tackled everything in life. More recently she's taken a moment to visit her children and check in on them during their dreams.

Peter is one of the first talking rabbits to be born, and the one who lead rabbits into the forest where they established their first town. Known for his eloquent speaking he was respected in his own time, and revered today. Shot down by a human, his death made him a martyr, though ultimatel it proved to be martyrdom in the name of tollerance, as his wife and closest friend dealt with the loss and became better for it. The same process that gave Peter intelligence also cost him his eyesight giving him the name "Peter the Blind." The religion of rabbits today is named in his honor.

El is Peter's closest friend, and following his death bacame the leader of the rabbits. Though he originally sought vengeance on the human race for the death of Peter, he with the help of Peter's wife Penelope learned to forgive. His short temper and tendancy to react with several fold more force than necessary gained him the name "El the Veangeful."

Penelope (original)
Today's Penelope is named in honor of this Penelope who was the wife of Peter. She clung hard to his teachings of peace and tollerance after Peter's death at the hands of a human and ultimately guided El into understanding and averted a possible war between the species. Her grace and gentility is revered among all rabbits. History does not say if she remaried after her husband's death.

Brutus was among the first rabbits to be born in the new town founded by Peter, and quickly grew to be known for his physical strength and natural leadership. When El relented on his plans to go to war, Brutus tried to spur on the violence, but was ultimately beaten in physical combat by El, and talked into agreement by Penelope until he eventually sided with El in making peace with humanity. As he matured Brutus became a famous builder and is responsible for the construction of many structures standing today.

Hilda Lief
Hilda is oft described as "skinny as a toothpick and too sweet for her own good." Her family owns a small country grocery store chain, which recently opened a branch in Gritty City. Hilda jumped at the chance to take on the responsibility of managing at the new location, as well as take the chance to experience big city life. Having never seen a talking rabbit until moving to the city, she had little in the way of pre concieved notions about them, and unlike most humans found she actually gets along quite well with them, even going so far as to hire them in her store. She's in turn gained a reputation as a rabbit lover, among humans, and a friend among rabbits. Among her lagomorphian hires, is Mors, whom becomes the super hero Nailbat. Hilda has no clue about this, but is suspicious as to why Mors so drasticly dropped his working hours.

The Artist (Vinnie D.)
Yours Truly. The artist never appears directly in the AntiBunny story, but has appeared in filler segments, as well as acted as a commander figure to Stickman and Bonehead. He appears only in the "Random" section of the archive. He represents my more over the top and flamboyant side, thus why he wears a cape and tiny sunglasses. He could be a bit eccentric or maybe he's just overworked. He'd very much like you to buy a shirt.

Runo is Malphas' personal bodyguard. Runo was trained in hand to hand combat by Malphas so it's odd that Malphas would need Runo or anyone for a bodyguard, but having a bit of muscle around means Malphas never has to dirty his hands. Runo was originally a member of the Loan Sharks gang, which was also owned by Malphas. Malphas hired Runo into a professional position, and retained Runo's services after the collapse of the Loan Sharks. Runo is as loyal as he is strong, and will continue to fight as long as he can move. His fists are toughened by a life of thuggery, and he wears a pair of leather gloves, reinforced with tiny, hidden steel plates, to push his advantage in a fight. He rarely resorts to firearms, and preffers to use his fists. He's a competent fighter, and a valued employee to Malphas but nowhere near the calibur of Furi.

Hermes the First
Hermes was born in France in 1917, under the name, Jaque Jaquies, during the first world war. During the times of peace between wars, he grew into a strong young man, and ever the free spirit, he became a world traveler, first growing up with a traveling circus and later as a professional explorer. When exploring the Hokkaido island of Japan he encountered an "Usagi" spirit, a sort of rabbit like entity, that sensed Hermes high spiritual awareness, thanks in part to training with the Circus's fortune teller, and his kind, and pure heart, underwent a fusion of spirit with Jaques turning him into the super hero Hermes, "the fastest thing alive". Hermes can move, and think at extremely high speeds. He usually moves between Mach 1 and Mach 10, but the limits of his speed, are only what he can physically survive. He helped liberate his home country of France from Nazi control in WWII, and aided in the final charge on Berlin, but after the death of Ubermensch he lost his pure heart, and with it his fusion with Usagi, and his powers. He is actually still alive in present day, thanks to his years of high velocity living, slowing his aging process. He currently appears to be around 40 years old. He is a bitter and jaded husk of who he used to be, and in spite of the beginnings of a new age of heroism he has no interest in returning to super heroing.

Leroy not the bulleteer. Rather he is an African American Metalergist, whom during the first world war, while searching for a method to mass produce titanium armour created a new Titanium infused polymer called "Ceramic Titanium" or "Ceratanium" for short. Unfortuantely Ceratanium proved even harder to mass produce than Titanium, and the government abandoned the project, and with it left Leroy without any sort of contract. In the 30's Leroy's grandson Linus, began researching propulsion technology, and upon recieving the prototype ceratanium armour, set to improving it with his own rockets, creating a suit of armor capable of short range flight, and repelling almost any kinetic force directed against it. Bullets bounce off Ceratanium, and bomb blasts even slide off, as the unique molecular structure of ceratanium redirects all kinetic force it encounters. Given the limited burn time of the solid fuel rockets of the era, Linus can only fly over short distances and come crashing down, allowing his ceratanium armor to absorb the impact of the crash landing. This soon became his primary offense, firing himself like a living bullet, earning him the name "Bulleteer" Inspired by the name he slightly modified the armor to resemble a bullet cartrige, to gain an asthetic fitting his name. Linus makes no mystery of his identity, and is quite public as a super hero, intent on proving his grandfather's science, as well as his own. During the second world war he proudly aided front line soldiers using his own armoured body to shield them from gunfire. Sadly the war would show him that the power of science couldn't save everyone. The last straw came with the death of Ubermensch. Bulleteer after the war hung up his armor and swore off violence for the remainder of his life. He died of old age in the late 90's. His armor is currently in the posession of his great grand daughter, whom has become a successful metalergist in her own right. She has no intention of ever using the armour, following Linus' pacifist teachings, but is still trying to reverse engineer ceratanium for peaceful purposes.

Eons ago, when most of the world was locked in an ice age, one civalization of humans lived above the primitive earth, literally. A flying continent known as Mu was home to an advanced race of humankind. This civalization had somehow gained a head start on the rest of humanity. This great civalization posessed a form of psychic power known as Psi. This was not to last. Eventually the flying continent became unstable and the people of Mu were lost as it fell into the sea. All except for one. While the Mu people consinged themselves to their fate, rather than leave to live among the primitive humans on the ground, a lone scientist realized that the world below had potential. He too was unwilling to leave his home behind, but his young son, was willing to take on the burden. This child would sleep, hidden among the glaciers of the great north, for millenia. In the 20th century when glaciers began to recede further, arctic explorers found the sleeping boy's stasis capsule. This boy was soon revived and brought home, first to Germany but taken away to America as the first world war began. There he met briefly with the world's first super hero, Strongo, and was inspired by this kind hearted mountain of man. As he grew, the boy awakened to his people's power of Psi, a tremendous force of mental energy. When Strongo died near the end of the war, the child became determined to take up the mantle of Super Hero, and when he reached maturity, became Ubermensch, a champion of justice and truth, soon to be called the greatest of all heroes. He not only lived up to Strongo's legacy he surpassed him. Sadly Ubermensch becoming the heart of the second age of heroism, brought that age to an end with his death. During the final battle for Berlin in the second world war, Ubermensch died in combat with Gotterdamerung, a Nazi super soldier imbued with Ubermensch's own power of Psi.

Strongo was the world's first super hero, appearing shortly after the American Civil War. He would later inspire the first age of heroism, and form the Fellowship of Remarkables, the first team of super heroes. Herman Phinnius was born with a traveling circus, and from a young age proved to be abnormally strong. He was able to work from the time he could walk, by age 5 he was as strong as a fully grown adult, he was in the strong man act by puberty, lifting gigantic weights, and later whole elephants, and by adulthood he was the strongest living thing on land, human or otherwise. It didn't take long, after his 18th birthday that he realized that his gifts were meant for bigger and better things. Though greatful to his adoptive circuss family, Herman felt his calling was righting the wrongs in the world, and with the civil war having just ended, he saw so much wrong to right. Wearing his strong man outfit from the circus, more for utillity than disguise he took on the name Strongo, as he went about America, using his incredible strength to help others, either by saving lives, or ending injustice. He, more than once has thrown himself between Native Americans and Federal troops pleading for reason. He's also more than once taken an arrow or bullet, but found his muscle mass was so dense he could actually stop bullets at only skin deep. Such negotiations lead him to later train his mind as vigorously as his body. He often was heard to say "I believe that man is ultimately good, and needs only be shown the right way. Lead by example, and the world will follow." Strongo was always kind hearted, and gentle as he was strong. It was he who would later inspire Ubermensch to the greatest hights of heroism. Strongo was unforunately killed during the first world war, along with almost all of the first age heroes. And though those heroes perished, their legacy did not.

Gecko and Snake
Gecko and Snake are two brothers who joined the Loan Sharks gang. Gecko is the older brother and much more cold hearted. He's a street collector whom enjoys collecting debts with pain in lieu of cash. His own sadism was his undoing. He was killed when his gun backfired when he tried to shoot Mors at point blank range. Snake is Gecko's younger brother. He's more of a coward than Gecko, and tends to go into childish tantrums when he doesn't get his way. He briefly discovered Nailbat's secret identity, but after encountering Darkness, his mind was blocked with a traumatic memory. He's normal as long as he doesn't try to remember who Nailbat is, but if he does try, he goes into screaming convulsions, crying about a giant bat.

This rather fierce looking junkyard dog is actually rather sweet on the inside. After nearly giving Penny a heart attack he carried her to shelter during a stormy night, and has since stayed loyally by her side.

Bill aka Cromwell aka fridge ghost
This ghost is one of the many, many spirits inhabbiting Juju's ill begotten mansion. He lives in her refrigerator, and takes one of various horrific forms in an attempt to scare her, but always fails, thus reverting back to his much less threatening white sheet ghost form. More recently Juju has employed this to get him to serve her morning Mango Juice, and has also given him the butlerish sounding name "Cromwell" though he claims his name is Bill.

Ghosts, Demons, and Aparitions
Haunted Junction is full of supernatural beings, from the Rain Devils who look like cat eared frogs, and love moisture and mischief, to living fireballs, to talking mother fnarding snakes. All manner of strange and weird things inhabbit this town and come and go as if everything is totally normal. They're quite a sight for someone new in town though.

Enforcer Luin
Luin is what is known as an Enforcer Class Reaper. She rarely is involved in any actual dealings with the dead, but rather she is charged with keeping other reapers in line. She has a stern and dutiful personality, and never speaks unless absolutely necessary. Luin weilds the Soul Release Balore, which has twice the power of any other reaper's soul Release.
Color: white

Inlei is none other than the very incarnation of Death its self. Inlei has no actual form but chooses to appear as a black rabbit with a large flaming tail, at least when dealing with the domain of death in nature. Inlei might have other forms for other purposes, but the true form of Death can never be known even to its own messengers. To bestow a Soul release upon a new reaper Inlei plucks one whisker symbolically lending a fragment of his power.
Color: Blacker than Black

Crossovers and Cameos

In the AntiBunny world Lightbringer is a comic book. Mors's personal favorite, and his inspiration for becoming a super hero. Mors doesn't know that in another world Lightbringer is a real person. Somehow Lightbringer appeared at the Funeral for Ubermensch. Lightbringer has the power to control beams of condensed light, fly, and create solid light constructs.

More recently Lightbringer has come to Gritty City to help Nailbat in a time of crisis.

Mind Mistress is a super heroine from an alternate universe. She has an IQ that goes off existing charts, and technology decades if not centuries ahead of its time. One among these is the abillity to cross over dimensions using a technology she calls "Schrodinger's Catwalk." She seems to have used it to pay the AntiBunny world a brief visit, in order to attend the funeral of Ubermensch.

Dr. Haynus and Dr. Muskiday
Dr. Haynus is a brain in a jar affixed to the head of a puppy. Dr. Muskiday is the head of a super genius fly, affixed to the body of a janitor. They together make up the R&D department of Evil Inc. a corporation run by and for supervillains in another universe They've recently made use of some interdimensional travel technology to pay a visit to the AntiBunny world and sell some of their advanced technology to Malphas, in his personal war against Nailbat.

Serge and Poncho
Serge is a rabbit civillian living in gritty city. He has a pet rat named Poncho. He was once an open critic of Nailbat, but after being rescued, has changed his tune. He has a human double in Another universe

Bunbun is a talking mini lop with a switchblade and a world of bad attitude. He originates from the world of Sluggy Freelance He's been dimension hopping before, so maybe he did end up in the AntiBunny universe long enough to make a brief comment on the nightly news.

Fluffy is a hyperactive young rabbit who just loves to see a good throw down. He's a big fan of nailbat. He has a double of the normal rabbit veriety in the world of Faux Pas. Fluffy is not fond of his name.

Aylee appeared briefly in Juju's dream sequence early in Chapter 4. Aylee is a constantly evolving but kind natured alien in the world of Sluggy Freelance. In her current form she much resembles a mountain with a demonic face on it.

Robert "the Bob" Bunny
Or just "Bunny" for short is a rabbit who's all about racing. In Some Other World he's racing a turtle. Why a turtle? Who knows, but he has something to prove. But in the world of AntiBunny he took a moment to join a mob of angry rabbits.

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